Greetings, I am Maamoun Amin Soum, a masterful Fine Art Calligrapher with a passion for creating captivating and meaningful works of art. With over two decades of experience in the design industry, I have developed a unique style that seamlessly blends traditional Arabic calligraphy with modern design elements.

Growing up as the son of a master calligrapher in Syria, I gained a profound foundation in Arabic calligraphy and developed a deep appreciation for its cultural and historical significance. My art reflects the beauty of this rich heritage, while also incorporating contemporary influences from my multicultural home in Mississauga.

For me, calligraphy is more than just a technical skill; it is a powerful tool for self-expression and storytelling. Each piece I create aims to convey a message and tell a story that resonates with the viewer, drawing them into a world of intricate details and mesmerizing patterns.

In addition to my expertise in calligraphy, I am also a skilled digital artist. I am constantly exploring new ways to push the boundaries of what is possible, incorporating technology to bring my art to new heights.

As a founding member of the Canada Syrian Arts Council, I am dedicated to the growth and development of the arts community both locally and nationally. My work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and events across the country, connecting me with fellow artists and art enthusiasts who share my passion for creating beauty in the world.

My journey as a Fine Art Calligrapher and digital artist has been shaped by my unwavering passion for art and my desire to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage of Arabic calligraphy. With each stroke of the pen, I strive to create works that are not only beautiful but also meaningful, evoking emotions and telling stories that transcend cultural divides and promote understanding and appreciation.


Maamoun Soum

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